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Friday, April 15, 2011

Nanos: Tories Lead by 9.9

Today's Nanos poll shows a small statistically insignificant Liberal drop in every region of the country. However, neither the Conservatives and the NDP noticeably gained ground. Ontario is back to being a dead heat. The Bloc bounced back to 37.3% in Québec.

Once again, no changes in the aggregate projection:

CON - 150
LIB - 79
BQ - 48
NDP - 31

The average Conservative national lead is 11.7%. It marginally dropped despite the increase measured by Nanos today because older polls, including the COMPAS poll giving the Tories a 21% lead, are gradually depreciated.

Stay tuned for an EKOS update later today.


Earl said...

EW: Do you know if we are going get any other polls in the next few days. I know EKOS is coming out sometime today nut I'm wondering about AR and IR.

BTW that was a brilliant piece on TFSAs. Well done!!

Election Watcher said...

Unfortunately, I don't have any insider information about the schedule of poll releases. My guess is that there will be an avalanche of polls this weekend and early next week: IR, AR, Leger, Forum, and of course the Monday HD. I'm particularly curious about what Leger has to say, since they haven't polled for 2 weeks.

Thanks for the comment on the TFSA piece! I was wondering if anyone bothered to read it...