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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Environics: Tories by 13

Here are the results of the latest Environics poll, via First, one needs to note that this survey is a little dated compared to the others released today: its polling period started on March 30, as opposed to April 4 for the Nanos, EKOS and Angus Reid surveys. Environics' results are favourable to the Conservatives, who lead by 13 both nationally and in Ontario. The NDP can also rejoice with 20% nationally and 21% in both Ontario and Québec, where the Bloc scored a paltry 34%. It seems safe to now say that the Bloc appears to have lost some ground, but it remains strong in the projection due to the near-perfect three-way division of the federalist vote in Québec.

The aggregate projection has come full circle, and ends the day where it started:

CON - 150
LIB - 74
BQ - 51
NDP - 33

That's right: four new polls, and no change in the end! The average Tory national lead climbs back to 10.9%.

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