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Monday, April 4, 2011

Léger: Tories by 11; Nanos: Tories by 13.9

The day is still young, and yet we already have two polls. Nanos' daily tracking shows a widening Conservative lead, especially in BC. However, in all-important Ontario, things are tight, with a 5.5% lead for the Tories. The Bloc's slip has halted, while the Liberals dropped to a tie with the NDP in Québec.

Léger Marketing also has a poll out, and it concurs with Nanos that the Ontario race is getting closer: 5% separate the Grits from the Tories. Léger has the Liberals marginally ahead in Atlantic Canada, but in 3rd place way behind the NDP in BC, where the Conservatives dominate.

The confirmation of the tightening in Ontario by Léger helps the Liberals in the projection:

CON - 151
LIB - 73
BQ - 51
NDP - 33

The average Conservative national lead is 12.8%.


Earl said...

EW could you possibly do a seat projection using on the Nanos poll from today?



Election Watcher said...

C 155
L 78
B 47
N 27
I 1

Earl said...

EW Thanks again. Enjoy your site and thank you for your time and effort.

Anonymous said...

As Earl said thanks for your time and effort. Love the site.

Election Watcher said...

Thanks! By the way, I made a small mistake, and it should be:

C 156
L 77
B 47
N 27
I 1