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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Around the Web: Projection Roundup

A reminder that links to all of these websites can be found on the left. Only projections based on a polling average are listed below.

Including today's polls
142 C, 88 N, 64 L, 14 B (Too Close to Call)
146 C, 74 N, 63 L, 24 B, 1 I (democraticSPACE, updated)
146 C, 92 N, 51 L, 18 B, 1 I (Riding by Riding, updated)
153 C, 81 N, 55 L, 18 B, 1 I (Canadian Election Watch, corrected)
Average: 147 C, 84 N, 58 L, 18 B, 1 I

Including yesterday's polls
150 C, 69 N, 59 L, 29 B, 1 I (Calgary Grit)
143 C, 47 N, 74 L, 43 B, 1 I ( - also includes today's Nanos)
147 C, 69 N, 60 L, 32 B (LISPOP)
143 C, 73 N, 69 L, 22 B, 1 I (The Mace)
Average of all 8 projections: 146 C, 74 N, 62 L, 25 B, 1 I


Valamyr said...

This projection roundup is really nice. Like metacritic, it gives you a really good overview of everything without having to look at 12 different sites.

Thanks for posting that.

Skoblin said...

More riding polls, EW


Bryan Breguet said...

DemocraticSpace now has the Tories at 146. Quite a drop in 2 days... But more in line with me (and with your recent trend). You can check is twitter.

Skoblin said...

An EKOS poll for Friday morning? I thought they just released one last night....

Anonymous said...

New Nanos results: NDP surge is reaching Ontario and BC

Skoblin said...

Halifax - combined four ridings poll

Election Watcher said...

Thanks, Skoblin, Bryan, Valamyr and anonymous! Much appreciated.