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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Around the Web: NDP Keeps Rising in Québec

This post will be updated throughout the day as projection sites refresh their numbers to account for yesterday's polls, showing the NDP potentially leading by double-digits in Québec. Once again, all links can be found on the left side of the page. As of 8am, four of the eight websites I'm tracking had already incorporated yesterday's polls:

144 C, 71 L, 55 N, 38 B (Too Close to Call)
144 C, 62 L, 64 N, 37 B, 1 I (Riding by Riding, now 155 C, 47 L, 70 N, 35 B, 1 I)
151 C, 68 L, 59 N, 29 B, 1 I (The Mace)
154 C, 66 L, 51 N, 36 B, 1 I (Canadian Election Watch, now 156 C, 63 L, 52 N, 36 B, 1 I)
146 C, 75 L, 42 N, 44 B, 1 I ( - update)
161 C, 57 L, 53 N, 36 B, 1 I (democraticSPACE - update)
155 C, 64 L, 50 N, 38 B, 1 I (CalgaryGrit - update)

Average: 151 C, 66 L, 53 N, 37 B, 1 I

CalgaryGrit and will also update today. I'm hoping that LISPOP and democraticSPACE follow suit, so we get a full slate.

We also have two brave souls that ventured into predicting a final outcome for the election:

155 C, 69 N, 47 L, 36 B, 1 I (Riding by Riding)
152 C, 71 N, 52 L, 31 B, 2 I (BC Iconoclast - fixed, my bad)
153 C, 75 N, 54 L, 30 B, 1 I (BC Iconoclast - draft, adds up to 313 instead of 308)

Either result would mean Layton as the Leader of the Opposition, and very interesting by-elections... If I had to guess now, I'd predict a tighter fight for second place.


Earl said...

EW: Do you know if there will be a Nanos poll today? TIA. Earl.

Kyle H. said...

There will not be @ Earl. It was Easter Monday, they didn't do fieldwork.

Bernard said...

You have my numbers wrong, it is 31 Bloc and 2 Independent, the fact that there are three strong independents and one is a sitting MP, I think it is more likely two will be elected than one.

Election Watcher said...

Sorry - fixed.