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Monday, April 18, 2011

Abacus: Tories by 8

Boy, when they come, they really come! This fourth update of the day brings you an Abacus poll. This one is kind to the Liberals: 15% lead in the Atlantic, just 8% behind the Bloc in Québec and 3% behind the Tories in Ontario, plus a nice 30% support in MB/SK.

Apart from a weak 15% in MB/SK, the NDP does well too, with 21% nationally. The Bloc has a weak 31% in Québec, while the Tories have middle-of-the-road numbers.

The Grits pick up two seats as a result, including Winnipeg North, which had just moved to the NDP less than an hour ago (and may move back over later today):

CON - 147
LIB - 80
BQ - 47
NDP - 34

The Tory national lead is 11.2%.

Remember: Still the Harris-Decima poll and probably the Léger regionals to come!

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