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Friday, October 2, 2015

EKOS: No Big Change from Last Week

This week's EKOS poll is out, and its national numbers mirror those from yesterday's Forum and Angus Reid polls: the Tories lead by about 7 points. However, this is down from 9 points last week, primarily due to their lead over the Liberals in ON shrinking by about two thirds (from 8.4% to 2.6%). So, all in all, today has been an excellent day for the Liberals in ON, and suggests that yesterday's Angus Reid bombshell was an outlier.

The seat projection is unchanged. The projected adjusted vote shares are now:

CON - 33.7%, +0.1%
LIB - 29.0%, -0.3%
NDP - 26.3%, -0.2%
GRN - 5.1%, +0.2%
BQ - 4.9%, +0.1%

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