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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

External Links

As you can see if you consult this blog using a computer, I have increased the width of the blog and added a second column to the right-hand side, which contains all external links. There were too many things in the left column, which impaired navigation.

I have categorized the pollsters into "main national," "main regional," and "other." The national/regional distinction is self-explanatory. The main/other distinction is based on a subjective assessment of a pollster's length of track record and frequency of voting intention polling.

I have also categorized my "competitors" into "main" and "other." Those in the "main" category must satisfy all three of the following criteria:
- be based on averaging most recent available polling (e.g. not just a specific firm's polls),
- have been active after the 2015 General Election, and
- provide an easy-to-find and (at least) basic description of the methodology used.
Please let me know if you find an active Canadian projection website that I've missed, or if an inactive one starts up again and should be upgraded.

As you can see by clicking on the 2019 Methodology label (and About this Blog label for earlier years), I make a significant effort to explain how my projection works. I believe that, of all the seat projections available online, I currently provide the most precise description of methodology and idiosyncratic adjustments. (It helps that my methodology is relatively simple, as I do not make use of demographic characteristics.) I don't hold other sites to the same standard. However, some do not describe their methodology at all, and are therefore relegated to the "Other" category, along with inactive projection sites (which will be removed if they remain inactive after the campaign starts).

I'll add that the inclusion of a projection site in the "main" category does NOT imply endorsement of its methodology - although most in that category have a pretty solid one. I may comment on the quality of other projections in the future, but that is not the purpose of this post. If you're curious about track record in 2011 and 2015, posts comparing performances can be found under the Final Projection label.

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