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Monday, May 2, 2011

Final Projection: Seats Changing Hands, West

These are seats changing hands relative to the 2008 General Election, ignoring any intervening by-elections.

CON 21 (-1), 50%
NDP 5 (+1), 29%
LIB 2 (=), 15%
Conservative to NDP: Saskatoon--Rosetown--Biggar

CON 27 (=), 63%
NDP 1 (=), 18%

British Columbia
CON 21 (-1), 41%
NDP 13 (+4), 33%
LIB 2 (-3), 16%
Liberal to Conservative: Vancouver South
Liberal to NDP: Esquimalt--Juan de Fuca, Newton--North Delta
Conservative to NDP: Surrey North, Vancouver Island North


Anonymous said...

I have the NDP taking Palliser and Kamloops from the Cons. And Vancouver South remaining Lib.

Election Watcher said...

I have the NDP a few points behind in Palliser (but obviously still within range). Kamloops and Vancouver South were exceedingly close (<0.5%), so you may well be right.