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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

UK Update

I have now seen polls from 9 firms since last week's UK debate. Averaging the most recent one from each gives (change from Monday's post in parentheses, +/- 0.1% due to rounding):

CON - 32.3% (+0.2%)
LD - 30.6% (+0.2%)
LAB - 26.6% (-0.3%)

3 of the 9 polls considered are the same as Monday, while 3 firms have released updated polls; of course, 3 new firms were added to the mix. The corresponding seat count according to UK Polling Report (which, again, is probably too optimistic for Labour and too pessimistic for the Lib Dems):

LAB - 259 (-6)
CON - 246 (+3)
LD - 114 (+3)
Other - 13 (0)

Let's see what movement the second debate will yield... (And you've got to give it to the British: after not having any televised leaders' debates until now, they're going with 3 in 15 days!)

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