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Monday, March 14, 2011

Léger: Tories Lead by 13 Nationally

Léger Marketing has released a national poll confirming the Conservatives' solid national lead. This poll is a very bad one for the Liberals: they trail the Conservatives by 14% in Ontario and the Bloc by 23% in Québec. The only bright spot for the Grits is a 7% lead in Atlantic Canada.

For the Tories, their low 16% in Québec is worrisome, especially because they trail the Bloc by 11% in the Quebec City area, which they won by 7% in 2008. However, their stellar results in Ontario and BC (45% vs. only 13% for the NDP) make this a quite satisfying poll.

The aggregate projection changes little, and the Conservatives are still short of a majority:

CON - 153
LIB - 73
BQ - 51
NDP - 31

The average Tory national lead is now 12.2%.

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