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Thursday, March 25, 2010

EKOS: Tories Lead by 5.6

This week's EKOS is out, and it has some very bad news for the Liberals. First, for the first time this year in an EKOS poll, the Tories lead in Ontario, albeit by a statistically insignificant 1.6%. Second, the 20.9% in Québec is very weak: down from 27.4% two weeks ago and 24.2% last week. All three other major parties gain slightly, but there is not much else to report - though it's kind of weird that the Tories now hold a clear national lead with just 33.3% support.

As a result of these changes, Liberals lose several seats in Québec (to the Bloc) and in Ontario (to the NDP; Tories consolidate a few seats there, but make no gains):

CON - 131
LIB - 89
BQ - 49
NDP - 39

This is the NDP's highest point in over 2 months. The Tories' national poll average lead is now 4.2%.

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