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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Harris-Decima: Tories Lead by 7

The latest Harris-Decima poll gives the Tories a 7-point lead nationally, but an 8-point lead in Ontario. They are also neck-and-neck with the Liberals in the Atlantic. As for Québec, the Bloc got another huge number: 45%. In BC, the Tories and the NDP are leaving the Grits in the dust. So, in short, no good news for the Liberals. The Tories can get some hope in Ontario (the previous EKOS and Ipsos polls both showed a Liberal lead there), but really need to worry about the NDP in BC.

Adding this poll changes the aggregate projection slightly:

CON - 133
LIB - 80
BQ - 54
NDP - 41

The Bloc and the NDP are again simultaneously at their highest projected seat count in a year. The Conservative average national lead is 6.1%.

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Unknown said...

I am an avid follower and like the new look. Keep up the good work!

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