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Friday, July 24, 2009

2008 Result Maps!

I have decided to spice things up on this blog by adding maps! In this post, you can view the results of the 2008 election, and if there's enough demand, I'll be happy to post maps of the 2004 and 2006 results as well (yes, including the different boundary between Acadie--Bathurst and Miramichi in 2004).

In the future, I will occasionally be mapping my projections. I will not always do so because:

1. While aggregate seat projections are a hazardous exercise, specific projections are even more prone to error: the idea behind the aggregate projections is that if some ridings swing more, and others less, things will roughly balance out in the total.

2. It takes time!

I will, however, certainly map the last projection before the election, and possibly other "significant" ones (e.g. at the start of the campaign) as well.


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