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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Harris-Decima: Tories Lead by 2; Léger Marketing: Tories Drop Back in QC

Not much time today, but here's Harris-Decima latest national poll, and Léger Marketing's latest Québec poll. The most interesting development is that both have the Conservatives dropping back to the mid-teens in Québec. Their stay in the low-20s was probably a very temporary bump from the Quebec City arena story. In Harris-Decima's poll, Ontario remains a dead heat between the two main parties, and the NDP scored a paltry 12%, which casts doubt on the NDP bump shown by the recent Nanos and Angus Reid polls.

The new projection according shows gains for the Bloc and losses for the NDP:

CON - 135
LIB - 88
BQ - 52
NDP - 33

The Tory average national lead drops back to 5.0%.

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