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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Léger: Bloc Leads by 14 in Québec; Tories and NDP Up

Léger Marketing has a new Québec poll, showing small losses for the Bloc and the Liberals to the profit of the Conservatives and the NDP. This is welcome good news for the NDP amid much disappointment from other polls. More importantly, the Conservative bump was also observed by EKOS last week, and this lends more support to the theory that the Colisée issue has improved Tory fortunes in Québec - the Conservatives have increased their Quebec City lead from 4% last month to 9%.

The new aggregate projection moves one seat from the Bloc to the Tories:

CON - 131
LIB - 94
BQ - 49
NDP - 34

This is the Bloc's lowest projection since late March.

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