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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Harris-Decima: Tory Lead Is 5

Harris-Decima just published a new poll, which has low numbers for both the Conservatives and the Liberals (31 and 26), and relatively high ones for the NDP and Greens (18 and 12). In Québec, the Bloc is trouncing everyone else with 41% against less than 20% for any single other party. In Atlantic Canada and Ontario, the Grits and Tories are tied. BC is a tight race between the Conservatives and the NDP, while the Tory lead over the Dippers in MB/SK is a slim 5%.

No change in the seat projection after these mostly unsurprising numbers:

CON - 132
LIB - 83
BQ - 53
NDP - 40

The average Tory national lead decreases slightly to 6.1%.

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