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Monday, July 12, 2010

Angus Reid: Conservatives Lead by 9

Just after I mentioned how Angus Reid seemed to have skipped their late June poll, they come out with an early July one! Compared to both the late May Angus Reid poll and recent polls by other firms, this survey has even greater Tory strength across the Prairies, a strong NDP result in BC (just 2 behind the Conservatives), and a strong Liberal number in the Atlantic. Ontario also comes in favourably for the Conservatives (7 ahead of the Grits), while the Bloc lead in Québec is smaller than in other recent polls.

All this produced projection changes in a whopping 6 provinces, though the totals didn't vary by too much as some changes canceled each other out:

CON - 135
LIB - 79
BQ - 54
NDP - 40

The average Conservative national lead ticks up to 7.5%.

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