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Monday, May 31, 2010

Angus Reid: Tories Lead by 8

The most recent Angus Reid poll confirms the roughly 8-point Conservative lead shown by EKOS and Harris-Decima. However, in Angus Reid's case, this doesn't constitute movement toward the Tories, as their last poll from 4 weeks ago had the Conservatives up by 7. The Liberals can be slightly reassured by their 8-point lead in Atlantic Canada, and by the effective tie in Ontario. The bad spot for them in this poll is a dismal 16% in BC. As usual, the NDP fares well in this Angus Reid poll.

Adding this poll gives:

CON - 135
LIB - 80
BQ - 53
NDP - 40

The average Tory national lead is 8.0%.

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