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Thursday, August 27, 2009

No November Election After All?

So it looks like, once again, the Liberal party is divided, though a previous report of Liberals wanting to pull the trigger was based on anonymous sources. Still, I do think that many Grits are very wary of Ignatieff being "Dionized" if he keeps bending, and tell themselves that while neither the numbers nor the state of the party's organization are great, they aren't disastrous either.

Keep an eye on that Ontario number in the polls. The Liberals will likely be happy to pull the trigger if they manage a consistent 5% lead there.


Unknown said...

Hello. Just found this blog and am adding it to my bookmarks. I like your idea of a link list with fellow projectors and will be adding one to my blog as well. BTW, how do you do these google maps projections?

Election Watcher said...

Hi Nick. Thanks for your comment and for including this page in your eventual blog roll!

I used the federal electoral district boundary files from GeoGratis to make the Google maps. MapWindow and Shape2Earth allowed me to convert those files into the .kml format used by Google Earth. Then I simply color-coded the map directly, and added placemarks to get the same views across projections. It took a couple of days this summer to figure this out, but it works and was free :)